XML-T6 & COB 5000LM USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight


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  • Model Name:  3509-A
  • Beads: Imort LED Beads 
  • Mode:6 -Mode 
  • Lamp Life:100,000 Hours 
  • Emitted Color:White Light  
  • Switch: Tail Cap Clicky/Clickie
  • Lens: Plane mirror
  • Case material:Durable aircraft-grade aluminum 
  • Charging mode: 18650
  • Lighting Distance:0-100 meters 
  • Beads Life:More than 100000 hours
  • Night ride/Camp/Night Flashing/Hunting/Explore/Money detect/Fluorescence detection/CatchScorpions/Pointer/Play with pet/more
  • Notice:Please charge the flashlight before it is fully used, otherwise it will affect battery life.
1. Can not direct light exposure to the eyes, so as not to cause eye damage;
2. Do not overpressure use, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V, the battery should not reverse, otherwise it will burn the circuit board;
3. When charging, please look for the positive and negative charger, do not overcharge the battery, so as not to damage the battery life (charging time is generally 5-8 hours)
4. When using the torch, check the thread at the tightening without loosening, otherwise it may cause not bright light;
5. Flashlight should be avoided in the sun or high temperature environment placed, stop using the battery after the battery is stored in a cool and dry place;
6. Company flashlight with life waterproof ability, the general rain will not be a problem, but do not have diving function, do not carry this flashlight dive or long time on the basin, bathtub;
7. To keep the O-ring (sealed apron) and thread rotation smoothly, please 2-3 times a year in its surface wipe Vaseline oil and so on.


Packet include: 1* flashlight + Battery